Automatic Detection of anomalous passes in SLR rapid quality check report

Graduation thesis by Shinichirou Takakura

Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) is a very effective technology to measure the distance between a satellite and a ground station. This precision is very high and we can measure the distance at mm precision. Rapid quality check is being provided by analysis centers to send feedback of observation quality to the SLR station. Hitotsubashi University is one of the organizations who provide rapid quality check and send a feedback. Anomalous passes have been detected by human eyes, but in this research, an automated procedure is established so that anomalous passes can be detected statistically to reduce human labor of checking large data. Our system collects 20 weeks data of rapid quality check report of Hitotsubashi University, and applies a series of filters to detect large biases. Our procedure has successfully extracted more than 80 % of anomalous cases reported via RapidServiceMail. It also detects some problems not reported in RapidServiceMail. This procedure is now implemented into 6-hourly routine task in Hitotsubashi University.